Life with Kiewa Kids

Our Values

Kiewa Kids is a haven for children to learn, grow, develop and explore. It is a place to play, for children to be free to express themselves, to interact with other children and adults, without fear or favour, to laugh and sometimes to cry, and most importantly to be children.  

Our daily program reflects the children's interests and learning goals and is constantly being reflected on. We believe that with routine, rhythm, meaningful relationships and engaging learning experiences throughout the day fosters happy, healthy and contented children. We aim to provide an environment which is beautiful and inspires the children to play and to use their imagination and step outside their comfort zone to further develop their skills. The children will have at their fingertips beautiful play materials and toys made of natural materials.


Our objectives are to meet the needs of each indiviual child by providing a nurturing and safe environment and to help meet the needs of parents and families, in accordance with Kiewa Kids educational philosophy.